100mm drivers and a large integrated subwoofer give the ALTO speaker excellent audio quality. The highs are clear, the mids natural and the bass is pronounced for a sumptuous mix.

Bluetooth 5.0

Android and IOS compatible

You can connect your smartphone with Bluetooth to play your current playlist. Enjoy a stable listening experience without any interruption.

BluetoothUnlimited music

Unlimited music

The ALTO speaker can be connected to the mains. Enjoy the party, don't worry about the time.



If you're having a party, there's a USB port and an SD card reader. Prepare your playlist and let the ALTO do the rest. It's nice not to have to DJ all night.

33, 45 and 78 rpm

For all vinyl records

The 33, 45 and 78 rpm modes allow you to listen to all your records with the ALTO speaker. A 45 rpm adapter is included.

Ergonomic controls

Ergonomic controls

Controls are located next to the turntable and on the front of the speaker to make operation simple, enjoyable and intuitive. You can turn on the speaker and adjust the volume precisely by turning the knob on top. The buttons on the front of the ALTO allow you to skip to the next or previous track, pause the music and change the speed of the records. We have also integrated an auto-stop function so that the turntable stops automatically once the record is played.

Easy to transport

Easy to transport

The handle on the right side of the speaker allows you to carry it with ease. The ALTO is available in black, grey and white. Choose the colour that best suits your home.

Sober and elegant

Sober and elegant

The ALTO speaker combines retro charm and sober design with Nordic interior influences. It will fit perfectly into your environment. If you want to take the speaker with you, simply remove the four removable feet.