The NEMESIS are wireless and touch-sensitive earbuds. The 13mm premium speakers deliver a rich and clear sound. The deep bass of the NEMESIS will make you feel every bit of your music wherever you go.

Quick and easy pairing

Compatible with Android and IOS

Thanks to the latest generation of chips, pairing is quick and easy. Open the box and activate the Bluetooth on your smartphone. After a few seconds, "Ryght NEMESIS" will appear to confirm the pairing. Simple, isn't it?

Zero latency, zero outage

Zero latency, zero outage

The connection is optimised with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Say goodbye to dropouts and latency so you can watch the latest lives and videos on social networks. Enjoy a stable connection up to 10m.

Long battery life

6h + 30h autonomy

With their extended 6-hour battery life, you don't have to take a charger with you. When the NEMESIS are no longer in use, simply place them in their charging case to benefit from an extra 30 hours. When fully charged, you can enjoy your music in the office for a whole week. The LED indicators on the case show you the percentage of battery remaining.

Touch controls with sound feedback

Intuitive touch controls

The ease of use of NEMESIS is also enhanced by its touch controls. Control your music, activate the voice assistant and manage your calls with a simple touch. To provide a better user experience, we've added audio feedback for every action you perform. You won't be lost in your gestures.

Microphone included with clear sound

Microphone included with clear sound

The integration of 2 digital microphones improves the audio quality of phone calls. You'll be heard clearly by your loved ones and they'll feel like they're talking to you. The microphones also allow you to activate Siri or the Google Assistant.

Comfortable earphones

Light and comfortable

The NEMESIS fit the shape of your ears thanks to an ergonomic design for optimal comfort. Each earphone has a stem, not too short, not too long, so you can handle them with ease. They'll last all day if you need them to.

Compact mini design

Modern and nostalgic

All of this technology is packaged in a sleek, compact zippo design with a matte finish. The slim case fits easily into your pocket or handbag.