The Janta wireless earbuds deliver clear stereo sound with balanced bass and treble from their 13mm drivers. Just put them in your ears and enjoy your music. You can also answer calls with the built-in hands-free kit and get on with your business.

Dyplo wireless earbuds white

Simplified pairing

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the earbuds are quick and easy to pair. The connection is stable and latency-free within a 10m radius.

Automatic connection

Automatic connection

JANTA automatically connect to the last device you used to save you time. Just take them out of the case, put them in your ears and you're done.

Long battery life

+20h autonomy

The JANTA has a battery life of 3.5 hours. Put them in their charging box to benefit from an extra 17 hours. You only need to recharge the box on Sunday evening to leave for a full week with peace of mind.

Simple controls

Simple controls

The JANTA are also easy to use with its intuitive controls. You can manage music, calls and the voice assistant without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. Both buttons are clickable so you can keep your gloves on in winter.

Integrated hands-free kit

Hands-free kit and voice assistant

After activating the voice assistant from your headphones, ask it what you want. A reminder? An alarm? A message to send? Siri (iOS) or Google Assistant (Android) are there to meet your every need.

Sober and elegant

Sober and elegant

The JANTA incorporates these technologies in a sleek and stylish design with a glossy finish.

Compact mini design

Compact case

The transparent case cover adds a modern touch. It fits easily in your pocket thanks to its compact design. You don't need a bag to carry the JANTA and listen to your current playlist.