Music is not something you listen to, it's something you live. That's why the NEMESIS+'s 13mm drivers deliver clear, perfectly balanced stereo sound. You can hear every instrument in your favourite music, so you can experience it again and again.

Wireless earbuds with quick and easy pairing

Compatible with Android and IOS

With Bluetooth 5.0, the NEMESIS+ are quick and easy to pair, just open the case and go to the settings on your phone.

Automatic connection

Automatic connection

The earphones connection is also optimised. You can enjoy smooth, uninterrupted listening and an automatic connection to the last device used.

Long battery life

Over 26 hours of autonomy

The NEMESIS+ never let you down thanks to their 4.5 hour battery life. Their case allows you to recharge the earphones up to 5 times. You can therefore enjoy up to 22 hours of additional listening time. Handy if you're travelling far from a power outlet.

Wireless earbuds with touch and voice controls

French touch

The touch controls on the NEMESIS+ are intuitive. They allow you to manage your calls, pause your music, change tracks or increase and decrease the volume with a simple touch.

Voice commands

Wireless controls

If you can't use your smartphone, that's okay. Siri (on iOS) or the Google Assistant (on Android) can answer all your requests. You can send a message, find a new route or ask to play your favourite artist's music. Why bother when your voice assistant is there for you?

Lightweight and comfortable

Lightweight and comfortable

The NEMESIS fit the shape of your ears thanks to an ergonomic design for optimal comfort. Each earphone has a stem, not too short, not too long, so you can handle them with ease. They'll last all day if you need them to.

Compact and powerful

Modern and nostalgic

The compact case is wrapped in a neat design reminiscent of a lighter. The matte finish adds a modern touch to the case, which is compatible with wireless charging. You can put the case on its induction charger (included). It also has a USB-C port.

Included charger

Charger included

The box charges quickly by induction thanks to its included charger. Connect it to your computer or to a wall charger (5V - 0.5A max, 5W).