Thanks to their 10mm drivers, the WAYS deliver clear, balanced sound to help you enjoy your music. Whether you're in bed, on the move or at the beach, the sound quality will be there.

Simple and fast pairing without interruption or latency

Compatible with Android and IOS

Thanks to their automatic pairing, all you have to do is go to the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone, and in a few seconds it's done.

Automatic connection

Seamless connection

The WAYS feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology to give you a stable, latency-free connection within a 10m range. You can leave your smartphone on the table and cook to music, while maintaining optimal audio quality. The wireless earbuds automatically connect to the last device used. Handy when you leave in the morning a little late.

Earphones with long battery life

More than 17.5 hours of autonomy

Our WAYS earphones have a battery life of 3.5 hours each. Place them in their case for up to 14 hours of extended listening. Recharge the case on Sunday night and go a whole week without worrying about the battery.

Simple touch controls

Touch controls

The WAYS are wireless earphones with touch controls. Just touch your earbuds to control music, volume and calls. You can keep your smartphone warm in your pocket.

Integrated hands-free kit

Perfect for your calls

The WAYS have two built-in microphones so you can talk to your friends. Whether you're at home or on the move, your voice is crystal clear and audible.

Modern and sleek


Choose your favourite colour from the 3 available: white, black and red. You can match your earbuds to your outfit for a complete look. The matte finish adds a modern touch to the design of the WAYS and the case.

Compact mini design

Take it everywhere

The wireless earbuds case is compact. It doesn't take up any space and fits easily in your pocket. You can take it anywhere. We've integrated a USB-C port to give you optimised and secure charging. There is also an LED indicator inside the case to show you the battery level.