AIRGO wireless earbuds deliver detailed, balanced sound for the ultimate audio experience. The sound quality will be there while listening to your music, but also during your calls.

Quick and easy pairing

Child's play

Pairing the earphones is very easy. Remove the AIRGO from their case and go to the settings on your smartphone. In an instant, you can use them.

Bluetooth earbuds

Stable connection

With Bluetooth 5.0, the AIRGO guarantee a stable and latency-free connection within a 10m range.

Long battery life


You won't run out of battery power with AIRGO. They come with a long lasting autonomy of 8 hours to follow you wherever you go. Their charging box offers you 24 hours of extra happiness. Don't waste your time looking for plugs, enjoy life, with music.

Earbuds with clickable buttons

Simple controls

The ease of use of AIRGO is also reflected in their controls. Imagine, you're running and your smartphone is playing a lullaby. Don't take your smartphone out, you might drop it. Change the music quickly with the buttons on the earphones. These also allow you to manage calls and volume.

Integrated hands-free kit

Integrated hands-free kit

With the AIRGO, everything is simple and effortless. A reminder to schedule? A phone call to make or a message to send? Just ask Siri (iOS) or Google Assistant (Android). Why bother? All you have to do is talk.

Small and compact

Good support and comfort

The AIRGO combine all these technologies in a classy and ergonomic design. They blend in perfectly with the decor and are very discreet.

Compact and powerful

A little treasure

Their compact charging case can easily fit in your pocket or suitcase. With them you can travel with peace of mind and breathe a lot of fresh air.