The MINO compact wireless headphones deliver perfectly balanced sound. Thanks to their 10mm drivers, the highs are clear and the bass is deep. Whether you're listening to music or watching TV shows, you can finally enjoy quality audio.


For Android and IOS

We have integrated the latest technology into MINO. They make pairing a breeze. All you have to do is open the headset case to start pairing. It's easy, from start to finish.

Bluetooth 5.0

A new age

Bluetooth 5.0 and the headphones' latest processors enhance your experience. The connection is seamlessly stable while listening within an extended 10m range. No dropouts, no latency. It's just you and your music.


2520min of fun

With a total battery life of 42 hours, MINO won't let you down anytime soon. Each earphone allows you to listen to your playlist for 7 hours non-stop. The box offers you 35 hours more. You can go away for a week with no worry.

Touch controls


To top it all off, MINO have intuitive touch controls. You can adjust the volume, skip to the next track, rewind and answer calls. And with feedback, you know what action is being taken, making it more intuitive to use.

Clear and balanced sound

Clear calls

The audio quality during calls has also been improved. Your caller will hear you clearly thanks to the two digital microphones in the earpieces. The headphones are also equipped with Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology. This reduces distracting noises during your calls and isolates your voice so that it is perfectly understandable to the person you are talking to. And if you want to ask your voice assistant something, Siri and Google Assistant will be there for you.


Modern and ergonomic

Coated in a matte finish, MINO boast a sleek, modern design, especially with their curved stem. Their compact case is discreet in your pocket and charges quickly via a USB-C port. It is dressed with 4 LED indicators to show you the remaining battery level.