PULSE ANC are wireless in-earphones with active noise cancelling (ANC). With 10mm drivers, these earbuds give you a clear and balanced sound. The PULSE ANC's deep bass makes for a captivating listening experience. They are precisely calibrated to give you the best possible sound.

Active noise reduction on wireless earbuds

Full immersion

If you want to be quiet on the move, you can easily activate the ANC to isolate yourself and stop hearing ambient noise. You'll feel like you're in a bubble. Say goodbye to distracting sounds and concentrate on your music. The earphones also have a transparency mode so you can hear what's being said without having to press pause.

Fast bluetooth connection

Compatible with Android and IOS

With the addition of a state-of-the-art chip, the wireless earbuds enjoy simple, quick and automatic pairing when you open the case.

Automatic connection

Premium sound

The integrated Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides a stable connection with no dropouts or latency. You can walk around in a 10m radius and still get the best audio quality.

Long battery life

Over 36 hours of autonomy

The PULSE ANC battery gives you 6 hours of non-stop music enjoyment. Place them in their charging case to enjoy at least 30 hours more. You can go on a trip and watch your favourite series on the plane without running out of battery.

Simple touch controls

Integrated sound feedback

Easily manage your music and calls with the touch-sensitive controls on the wireless earbuds.Feedback sounds indicate the action you've taken so you don't get it wrong.

Play/pause function

Smart earphones

You can take an earphone out of your ear to pause your music. Put it back in your ear to get back into your music. 

Integrated digital microphones

2 HQ microphones and voice assistant

The two microphones pick up the majority of ambient noise and can separate environmental noise from your voice. Your loved ones can call you and hear you clearly whether you're at home or out and about. You can also easily activate your voice assistant to control your phone.

Silicone and memory foam tips

Comfort and safety

The PULSE ANC come with silicone tips in 3 different sizes and a pair of memory foam tips to fit your ears perfectly. Your headphones stay in place and follow your every move. You can dance, run and move in complete safety.

Compact mini design

Modern and sleek

Coated with a matte finish, the PULSE ANC boasts a sleek, modern design, especially with its curved stem. Their compact case fits discreetly in your pocket and charges quickly via a USB-C port.